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* Self-motivation is everything *

With my love for graphic design, I have been creating in this field for 4+ years.

In the beginning, it was rough. I was self-teaching and cultivating my skills from watching many youtube tutorials and reading articles I found on google. I was hired for a graphic designer position in my early years of college that had promised to have someone teach me the ropes but wasn't provided any assistance. I had to learn all on my own. Even though I wasn't given the guidance I wanted, that job made me grow and learn fast. I can never thank them enough for giving me the opportunity and privilege to work with them for two years. I have been a freelance designer ever since while I had been studying for my bachelor's degree in graphic design. 

My self-motivation to learn and create drives me to continue to learn and look out for the latest design trends. I even learned UI/UX design and 3D modeling on my own because that is another graphic design related field that is interesting to me. I am a person that never ceases to educate myself and expand my horizons. 

My Projects

Pink Clouds


Melody Campbell

Email - melodyhcampbell@gmail.com

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